Artisian Excellence

Our exclusive tables embody the synergy between nature and human artistry. Each tabletop is hand-painted, unique, and offers outstanding customization options. Customers can contribute their designs, which our artists masterfully bring to life. These tables are not just works of art but also eco-friendly. They are perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings, resisting extreme temperatures, UV rays, scratches, and weather elements. A true masterpiece.

Italian Craftmanship

Both our Amalfi line and Sicily line table tops embody the spirit of Italian craftsmanship. Our Amalfi line tables celebrate a refined classic elegance, while our Sicilian tables convey the rugged natural beauty of the island and its colourful cultural heritage. Explore both collections to find the perfect piece for you.
Experience the harmony of nature and design with all our tables, curated for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Viva la dolce vita!

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Tell us the desired configuration of your table in order to receive an individual offer from us. This includes e.g. the size, shape and table frame.

The prices can be found at the line’s and design’s pages.

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