A masterpiece in your garden

Tables made of Italian lava stone, with refined decorations, painted by artists.




Our bestsellers

Table top hand-painted in design Giardino
Beautiful garden: daisies and lemons combined on a wide dark band to create a contrasting and very elegant composition. The middle is kept clear; only isolated leaves protrude into it.
Table top hand-painted in design Melograno
The beautiful and finely arranged fruits are surrounded by a simple and elegant frame and have an excellent effect on the light background.
Table top hand-painted in design Toscana
Elegant and cheerful: stylized branches in the colors yellow, green and blue come together on a light background to form a cheerful image and are held together by an elegant frame in the same colors.
Table top hand-painted in design Ulivo
Perfected pleasure: elegant and refined olive branches are placed in a band around the table. The colors move in tasteful shades of green.
Dishes Rosato and table Rosato in garden

Rosato dishes

Rosato table

Chair Aurora and table Barolo on balcony

Aurora chair

Barolo table

Chair Aurora and table Montepulciano on terrace

Aurora chair

Montepulciano table

Chair Diana and table Delfino at pool

Delfino table

Diana chair

Our products

The LimoneDesign tables made of volcanic stone with ceramic table tops are handcrafted masterpieces “Made in Italy” for everyday use. The beauty and art of the tables should bring joy in everyday life. Our tables come in different sizes and shapes with hand-painted classic designs. Something personal can be added to our designs. A very individual piece is created. The tables are ideal for your garden or terrace thanks to their characteristic resistance. You can also order the matching chairs and pillows for our volcanic stone tables.

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