Tables made of Italian lava stone,
with refined decorations, made
handmade by artisans of the decorative tradition.

Chairs and supports for lava stone tables,
hand-forged wrought iron.
Also circular benches and seats.

Large collection of ceramic dishes with classics
handmade decorations, and possibilities
matching with the design of your table.


The elegant and wide frame and the neutral center bring out the dense floral interweaving of lemons and daisies.

The fruit picked up in a refined and tidy way surrounded by a simple and elegant frame give immediacy to this bright decoration.

In this decoration everything is light color and harmony. Flowers and plants are declined in various forms, giving back only an apparent disorder.

A circular olive branch embraces the table. The colors and shades of green create movement.


Complete your table top with elegant and stainless iron bases. Check the PDF to match your table top correctly.

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